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    Mission   Culture   Value

    Vision To be the trusted LabTech equipment and service company in the industry

    Mission Provide Bio & Med Tech customers with leading products through the infinite opportunities driven by investments in focused Research & Development

    Innovation through R&D

    Innovation is the primary driving force for development, and only continuous innovation can lead to sustainable development. Biotechnology, as a fast-growing and fast-changing field, needs such kind of continuous reform the most. The shift of focus from “high speed development” to “high quality development” is not just a shift in concept; it calls for practical actions to transform our development mode through innovation. It is the core of Fengshi’s belief in innovation to fully turn great ideas into reality.


    Integrity is the basic principle of Fengshi in all our business operations. We know that the best way to earn reputation and clients’ satisfaction is to keep the principle of integrity and put into practice our code of ethics from the very beginning. 

    Precision at the highest Quality

    Precision is what every employee at Fengshi values. Precision means meticulousness, concentration, consideration and high efficiency. We believe that “success depends on details”. At Fengshi, precision is the determination of all our employees to assure error-free services, to improve continuously, and, to do better. 

    Operational Excellence

    Excellence is the connotation of Fengshi’s corporate culture, and it is also the secret that drives Fengshi forward. To be excellent means to be proactive about changes and to be diligent despite difficulties. We believe that we will realize our vision as long as we constantly make efforts to reach higher, develop stronger and go farther.