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    Quality Statement

    Fengshi believes in quality. We know that quality matters in both business operations and partnership between Fengshi and our clients and suppliers.

    At Fengshi, we are committed to keeping pace with the industry requirements, incorporating quality inspection procedures into relevant processes, and taking into consideration quality control elements such as time, content and methods when we design our quality inspection procedures. Every employee at Fengshi, from developers, designers, manufacturing workers, installation workers to after-sales staff, has a strong sense of ownership and responsibility. We all clearly understand that there is a close relation between product quality and each one of us. And thus each one of us has the responsibility to ensure that our products meet existing standards and reach for higher standards.

    In addition to multiple certifications, we have passed quality audits conducted by industry leaders and have built stronger relationships with our clients.

    Quality is the very foundation on which we stand and grow.